Gürkan Gençler

Chairman of the Board of Beyaz Filo and General Manager

İş Private Equity is a very respective business partner and an institution. It is a matter of pride for us to be in partnership with İş Private Equity. With İş Private Equity, we have taken significant steps to strengthen the company's equity and to establish its corporate structure. We identified the deficiencies in our operations and improved them with İş Private Equity.

Muzaffer Yıldırım

General Manager of Cinemars

İş Private Equity brought us a terrific fiscal discipline. Private equity is the best form of partnership since their aim is not to seize the company, but to support the growth of the company and then exit.

Coşkun Ural

Chairman of the Board of ITD

Despite fluctuations in the economy since our partnership with İş Private Equity in 2002, we have provided new solutions to the IT market and we have quadrupled our sales. In addition to the financial support provided by İş Private Equity, we have also made significant benefits of their financial knowledge and experience.

Orhan Turan

Chairman of the Board of ODE

İş Private Equity invested in the construction sector for the first time with ODE and acquired 17.24 percent share for 5 million USD. In 2012, they sold back their shares to Turan for $ 10.5 million and made 100 percent profit. The value of this partnership for ODE was more than money. First of all, İş Private Equity made a great contribution to institutionalization of the company. In this process, the turnover of the company doubled, while the volume of exports increased by 100 percent. ODE recorded the largest turnover and investment of Turkish insulation sector as domestic capital. "At the end of five years we had a much better and more active company," says Turan and adds:'' With this partnership we went up into a higher class, more precisely a higher league. ''

Cem Şengör

Chairman of the Board of Step and General Manager

İş Private Equity management gave full support to entrepreneurship by fully fulfilling its mission. İş Private Equity has been a motivating, principled and highly trusted partner that valued our entrepreneurial skills during our partnership. Thanks to our partnership with İş Private Equity at an important turning point for Step, we expanded our opertions globally and became a global brand.

Bülent Ünal

Chairman of the Board of Tüyap and General Manager

With the support provided by İş Private Equity, we established our second fair support center in Adana after İstanbul. Tüyap achieved all of their dreams in 14 months and everyone left by taking their share of this success.